[adp-list] YouTube TV has audio description.

Robert W Kingett kingettr at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 14:56:40 EDT 2018

I tried YouTube TV on my Apple TV. The good news is, it has audio 
description. The bad news is, well, the Apple TV app has extremely bad 
compatibility with voiceOver. It works far better on the mobile app, 
which is probably the device I will use until my trial period runs out. 
I canceled my membership an hour after signing up for the free trial, 
and I think I will stick with Netflix and Hulu, since Hulu will soon 
have described content.

Upon first loading the app, I had to enter a verification code on my 
Apple TV. Only problem was, this part was not in plain, digital text. I 
couldn't even navigate it by character. so, I had to call sighted 
assistance to read the code off my TV. when I tried to navigate via 
character, VO would just say, possible text, and then read the whole screen.

when I finally got in, it was a nightmare to navigate. There's a series 
of channel previews on the main screen. VO kept stopping because 
whatever was happening on screen was taking up a hell of a lot of 
processing power.

I learned, from the ACB's guide, that TNT had audio description on 
YouTube TV so I followed the guide precisely. It worked. Although, on 
the Apple TV, the more, button, is under the player controls. You go 
there, then, you flick left after hitting the more button, then, you go 
to audio options, click. VO will say, primary. Flick down, and then 
click. And, it works! Unfortunately, you gotta change the audio every 
time you have to change a show or channel, you gotta change the audio 
option again.. For $40 a month though? It's not worth the price, 
especially for Apple TV users. Here's why.

Networks appear on the left side. When you click on a network, a preview 
area shows up just like on the mobile app, but there's so many things 
happening, VO struggles to read everything. Not to mention, every, 
single, clickable item, appears as plain text, so you will be flicking 
this way and that, hitting text to make menus open and similar. I still 
couldn't figure out how to see what's next on whatever channel.

I just can't wait until Hulu has AD. That will be all I need, honestly, 
since the accessibility of those apps is better, and, will be better, in 
2019. Plus, I save money and headaches with just the 2 services. $40 a 
month to watch cable TV? I don't do enough TV watching. I am happy to 
say that the SAP signal is passed through the app. I watched a few 
described cartoon Network episodes but my god, the Apple TV app is a 
nightmare to work with at this stage. I listen to more podcasts than I 
watch TV anyway. So, while this isn't for me at all, I hope many find 
this helpful.

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